Our out grower Program is part of smart Agro Horticulture, which offers farmers within East Africa(Kenya and Tanzania) contract farming to grow for smart agro Horticulture Crops for Export on a contract basis for farmers who have at least 1 acre of land and reliable source of water.

We are currently contracting farmers on the following crops

  1. Garlic  – should have a minimum of 1 acre
  2. Capsicum –  should have a green house of 480 m2 for red and yellow varieties and ½ acre for green capsicum
  3. Tomatoes –  should have at least 240 m2 green house
  4. Avocadoes –  should have at least 1 acre of land





Smart agrofarm also offers extension services to the farmers such as:

  • Agronomical Support
  • Technical Support
  • Marketing Of Horticulture Produce
  • Irrigation Systems Setup
  • Produce Value Addition and more

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