Smart agro farm Green house structures are usually built of a metal frame supporting a transparent material to allow controlled environment from the elements. The environment is kept controlled by use of a cover which is transparent. Traditionally the transparent material was glass, which brings about the alternative name, glass houses, but may be plastic polythene sheets or perspex.

Smallscale Domed Greenhouse

The Structure framework may also be made of other material e.g plastic pipes or more usually, wood. The determining factors for the structure are initial cost and cost of maintenance. Metal structures are robust, i.e. have very little or no maintenance, have an indeterminate lifespan, but have a high initial cost of installation.

Small scale vented greenhouse

Wooden structures on the other hand, are cheaper to setup but have a higher maintenance cost. Metal structures are the defacto and preferred method of propping greenhouses due to the durability. This structure is also preferred as it can support a variety of cover materials.

Cover Material

These days the cover material is invariably polythene sheets owing to cost . While these sheets typically have a lifespan of three to five years, this is preferred cover method as the effects of the greenhouse on production shall typically produce enough to pay itself off before it begins to disintegrate due to the effects of the sun. Glass covers are essentially long lasting but very expensive. A perspex cover is also a possibility and a the go between cost-wise, but also is quite expensive.

Flat type shade nets greenhouse

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Greenhouse net house coverings